Track Reading Example

X-Sheet Example 1

X-Sheet Example 2

You can see in the examples attached above that track reading film is very detailed.  Each frame is read and updated.  There are 1440 frames in a single minute of animation.  This means that there are 15,840 frames in an 11 minute animation episode.  Track reading is measured in feet.  There are 90 feet in 1 minute of animated film consisting of 1440 individual frames.

Each frame is read and updated manually on the 11 by 17 inch X-Sheet by a Track reading artist.  Then each frame is updated again on the X-Sheet by the Story Editor to show what shape the mouth of the character should display in each frame.  This is shown in the “EXP” column.  Each letter corresponds to a preliminary drawing of the character’s mouth shapes created in pre-production when the drawings of the characters are drawn and approved.  And finally the Director’s notes are added.  Then the page with all of it’s directions can be given to animators to create the frames to go with the sound track.

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